TAN TRUTH Brand Photoshoot

TAN TRUTH Brand Photoshoot

TAN TRUTH’s vision is to empower everybody, making everyone feel confident and beautiful in their own skin because beach body fabulous comes in all sizes. 

We recently coordinated the first brand photoshoot for our professional and retail tanning brand, TAN TRUTH. A well-established brand in the spray tanning industry, TAN TRUTH has been rebranded and we were excited to hold our first brand photoshoot, aligning with the brand’s message and with the current look of the brand.

The shoot focused on all that TAN TRUTH embodies; empowerment, body positivity and glowing from the inside out.

Using a range of models that encompass the brand’s ethos and vision, from real people who use and love TAN TRUTH tanning products, to models and influencers who share the same self-love messaging as the brand.

Along with the beautiful brand images are a series of ‘how to’ videos, all of which have recently gone live on TAN TRUTH website and social media.