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About the brand

CRAZY COLOR®, original and best since 1977.

Crazy Color® was launched in 1977 in the midst of the punk rock explosion in Britain. The anti-establishment movement was forming a new wave of style and fashion

Award winning stylist – Renato Brunas felt the change early on and by the start of the seventies had the foresight to fuel the revolution.

An initial 20 Crazy Color® vibrant colors would become colorists standard equipment. Renato developed a reputation as being a flamboyant and larger than life figure in the world of hairdressing and fashion. Always adopting a brave and avant-garde approach to hair color Renato encouraged young hairdressers to make hair coloras fashionable as haircuts.

Over 40 years later his pioneering vision of ‘unapologetic expression’ Remains the core ethos of Crazy Color® to this day.  Every iconic pink bottle that transports these life changing colors is viewed as a symbol of one man’s vision to change the world of hair color forever.

Recognised on the global stage as the leading direct color brand, Crazy Color® has a unique formula that has paved the way for every other direct color since conception. Crazy Color leads, and others follow!

Today Crazy Color is the UK’s No1 Professional vibrant hair color brand with international brand presence in over 50 countries and millions of bottles sold every year across 6 continents. The range has expanded to 40 colors and with the introductions of diffusion lines – Pastel Spray In’s, Shampoo’s and Color Remover the brand is constantly innovating to anticipate hair trends and fashions.


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